About the NZMO

If you're here to register your school or yourself for the NZMO, scroll down to the bottom!

Why the NZMOSA?

We exist to address a greater proportion of the school student population, to pass on and foster the same excitement and passion for mathematics and creative mathematical thinking to anyone who will lend us an ear.

Why the NZMO?

Many mathematics competitions target students of various year levels, but not many are based on the style of questions typical to Olympiad mathematics. Our questions are different, but we still write the questions so that students feel comfortable with them.

The NZMO is written and run by students - maybe you're thinking that that's not such a good thing, but as students, we know what it's like for new students keen to take their mathematical abilities further. We hope to be able to help while keeping things as transparent as possible.

Why Olympiad?

There are some students who see the word "Olympiad" and leap at the opportunity. However, there are vastly more students who will flinch at the word, and dismiss it immediately as being "too hard." Olympiad level mathematics is not easy, but it's not difficult in the traditional sense: the tools aren't the tricks and processes taught in classrooms - the tools in Olympiad maths are almost too simple. But that's the twist: it's not about the tools anymore, but about the thinking - reviving the creativity that's almost never associated with mathematical thinking.

We want to help dispel some of the myths about the Olympiads: that they are really extreme, intimidating, the problems too foreign and difficult. We hope to provide a bridge, in part through the NZMO, from the classroom to the world of mathematics outside it.

Where can I find more information?

See our Competition Details page for details about the NZMO, or see the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Committee site for details about the Olympiad programme in New Zealand.

I'm an interested maths teacher and want to register my school


  • If you are a Head of Department of Mathematics at your school, you should have received a registration email through the NZAMT. Please register through the provided link if possible. Otherwise, you can fill out and submit the form below. We will be in touch with you soon. Completing this form does not bind you to participate in the NZMO.
  • If you are a student, parent or other school teacher, please link this page to your Head of Department of Mathematics at your school.

If you complete this form, we will send you further administrative emails after the due date on 20 March 2015, leading up to and following the NZMO. Starting in 2015, we will charge $2 per student to keep the NZMO running. A payment will be required in the administration sequence to commit to participation in the NZMO.

I'M an INTERESTED student, but my school isn't registered!

We're sorry that your school isn't participating in the competition this year. But don't worry, because there's still a way that you can take part in the NZMO. Each year, we organise alternative testing centres for the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad for students whose schools are not taking part in the Olympiad.

If you are interested, please complete the form below. We will contact your HOD and try to negotiate with them to hold the NZMO at your school. If that isn't possible, we will try to organise an alternative testing centre in your vicinity. We will notify you with updates and details, such as whether your school has been registered for the NZMO or whether we organised an alternative testing centre, as well as the time and venue, what to bring, and what you will need to do.

To keep the NZMO running and operational, and to allow the NZMOSA to continue providing opportunities for young students throughout NZ, we require a small payment of $2 per participating student. If your school is registered, you will pay through your school (unless they pay for you). If you plan to attend an alternative testing centre, we ask that this payment be made in person before the examination begins.

To be eligible to sit the NZMO at an alternative testing centre, you must either:

  • Be enrolled in a New Zealand primary or secondary school, or
  • Be under 19 years of age and not be enrolled in any university, whether in New Zealand or overseas.

If you fail to meet these conditions, your paper will still be marked but your result will be 'unofficial' and you will not be eligible for prizes. However, the NZMOSA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of an entry. Please contact us at contact@nzmosa.org if you have further inquiries.