August Problems

Sorry, we're a little late with these, the August Problems can be found here (download link) or below. Hope you enjoy!

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Wednesday August 31 and the August problems will be released the day after on September 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

July Problems

*can't think of anything remotely witty or intelligent to say*

The July Problems can be found here (download link) or below. Hope you enjoy!

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Sunday July 31 and the August problems will be released the day after on August 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

2016 NZMO Problems

On May 26th, 2016, schools around NZ participated in the third annual New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad (NZMO).

Here are the problems from the 2016 NZMO, by division.

  • Junior division: paper
  • Intermediate division: paper
  • Senior division: paper
  • Olympiad division: paper

There is one typo in the Junior division: problem J2(c) should read \(\angle EWF = \angle EZF\).
There is one typo in the Intermediate division: wherever problem I6 refers to "money", it should read "marbles".

2016 New Zealand Maths Olympiad Team

Congratulations to everyone selected to participate in 2016 International Mathematical Olympiad, to be held in Hong Kong.

The team members are:

Andrew Chen (St Kentigern College, Auckland)
Yiannis Fam (Wellington College, Wellington)
Miles Lee (Auckland International College, Auckland)
Keiran Lewellen (Te Kura, Wellington)
Barnard Patel (Wellington College, Wellington)
Kevin Shen (St Kentigern College, Auckland)

with non-travelling reserves:

Yuting Niu (Auckland International College, Auckland)
Xutong Wang (Auckland Grammar School, Auckland)

Congratulations to all!

2016 May Problems

Sorry for getting this out so late! We've been really behind with the NZMO coming up!

The 2016 May Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on June 5 to make up for the delay, but the June problems will be released as usual on June 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below. Submit your solutions to!

Information about our Auckland Lecture Series

NZMOSA lectures will continue to be on Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at University of Auckland and Wednesdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Pakuranga College. These lectures are free and open to everyone who is interested in learning a different style of logical thinking and mathematics used in the Mathematical Olympiad.
The lecture at University of Auckland will be held in the same room - Science Centre 303, room SLT1. If you go in from the entry indicated by the red circle, it should be the first lecture room you see. 



The lecture at Pakuranga College will still be in the room indicated by the blue arrow:

We have plenty of spare capacity so feel free to invite your friends to come along as well! Feel free to comment below, email us at or message us on Facebook if you have any questions. See you there!

2016 April Problems

The NZ Flag didn't change over the last month... But NZMOSA's logo did! Stay tuned for updates on our new logo, which will be released soon.

The 2016 April Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Saturday April 30 and the May problems will be released the day after on May 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

2016 March Problems

Want to slow the rise of Donald Trump? Here's your chance.

The 2016 March Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Thursday March 31 and the April problems will be released the day after on April 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

2016 February Problems

It's the start of another school year and what better way to kick it off then with a fresh new set of monthly problems! 

The 2016 February Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Monday February 29 and the March problems will be released the day after on March 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

NZMOC Camp: The Beginning

28 high school maths students. 8 lecturers. 1 hostel. The stage is set… for a maths camp. Whoops - that was a little too dramatic. Just a little :) But we here at NZMOSA can't wait for the start of the Olympiad season! Here's the latest from our on-site reporter, Gregory the Gregarious:

"The students jetted in early Sunday morning and spent the first few hours meeting their fellow attendees (curiously spent hanging around the computer room, of all places). They then entered a fun-filled series of maths competitions and logic puzzles to warm their brains for the upcoming lectures. Only for them to be re-frozen with an enormous helping of icecream at dinner (#thedream) of course.

The next day, they were treated to a pair of lectures (Algebra and Number Theory for the Junior group of 14 students, Combinatorics and Algebra for the Seniors) in the morning before working on a problem set in the afternoon. But the fun didn't stop there! There was also an activities night planned and led by Professor Michael Albert (Team Leader 2016) involving multiple quizzes and the dreaded Samurai Sudoku."

And finally for the weather forecast: cloudy with a chance of inequalities. That's all for tonight - stay tuned for the second episode of "NZMOC Camp"!


P.S. Sorry there are no photos - I'm still living in the Stone Age.

2015 Holiday Problems!

For the holidays, we've decided to collate all the monthly problems for November till January into a big bundle! These are our brand-new 2015 Holiday Problems. Check them out and share the mathematical love with your friends.

The 2015 Holiday Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Sunday January 31 and the February problems will be released the day after on February 1. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

2015-16 NZMOSA Student Committee

We're excited to announce the members of the 2015-16 NZMOSA Student Committee! We had a lot of competition and tough decisions to make, but we hope that through this annually selected student committee, we'll be able to extend the reach and activities of the NZMOSA

Here are the 18 committee members listed alphabetically by surname:

Amay Aggarwal
I’m Amay Aggarwal, and I am currently a Year 12 student at King’s College.  Having attended the 2015 Maths Olympiad Training Camp, I was astonished to discover that there is a completely different side to maths from what we learn in the classroom. People often ask, “why do we learn all these formulas, if we are never going to use them in real life?” and I feel that Olympiad Mathematics provides the answer; it focuses on applying what you know rather than just simply restating formulas without any real understanding. I hope to be able to spread this message as part of the NZMOSA committee for 2016, and inspire younger students to pursue mathematics at the Olympiad level.

Archie Buissink
Hi, I’m Archie Buissink. I’m currently in Year 11 at Auckland Grammar studying AS Maths, IGCSE English, History and Triple Science. I’m a new member on the LaTeX and Communications teams for NZMOSA, and look forwards to working with all of you over the next year. I applied for this role on the executive committee because I would love to increase the amount of people involved with maths and NZMOSA. Only three people from my school consistently went to the NZMOSA lectures, and I think more people would be interested if they knew more about NZMOSA. I look forward to meeting all of you soon, and here’s to a successful year!

Ivy Chen
Hi there, my name is Ivy, I am in Year 12 and I currently attend Auckland International College (AIC). I have a wide range of interests, including badminton, piano and maths. I also enjoy boxing, rare for girls, (but I believe that no one should be defined by stereotypes). From a young age, I have been especially attentive to problem solving and such that require me to develop flexible thinking patterns. This is also the reason why I decided to try out for the NZMOSA committee and was then fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity.
Furthermore, by having the chance to attend the Maths Olympiad Camp in 2014, I have discovered more about myself and what I am capable of. Thus, by joining the committee, I hope to encourage more youths around New Zealand to have similar experiences that I have had, not only about maths but also about themselves and their potential.

David Cui
My name is David and am currently Year 12 at Kristin School. My interests include drawing and graphical work, programming, and mathematics, which is why I signed up for this opportunity in the first place. 
I have been placed in the design team - I look forward to working with you all.

David Huang
Hello everybody, my name is David and I will be a part of the NZMOSA student committee for the upcoming year. I am currently a year 11 student attending Papanui High School and I am based in Christchurch. I really enjoy mathematics and I am honored to be part of this awesome team of passionate young people helping to foster passion and interest for mathematics among high school students. My passion will be to introduce and get more students to be aware and interested in participating in Olympiad competitions such as the NZMO. I will be a part of the lecture team working for the NZMOSA student committee in the upcoming year. 

Lucas Lee
I am currently a year 12 Korean student studying at Macleans College in East Auckland. I am involved with a variety of co-curricular activities around the school consiting of golf, orchestra, choir, concert band, debating and duke of edinburgh. Some of my hobbies include watching korean movies, playing computer games and driving. Although I'm not a math prodigy who has competed at national and international competitions , my passion for mathematics has always been strong. Throughout high school, I have been an passionate and competent mathematician and I aim to perform well in the NZQA scholarship math examinations this year as well as the MAX course at UoA next year.

Miles Lee
My name is Miles and I am currently in Y13 at Auckland International College. I like thinking about problems, and so mathematics has been a source of enjoyment for me. Therefore, I have joined NZMOSA so that my interest may be of use to other people. I hope that I can think of interesting and challenging problems for likeminded people to tackle.
I am especially fascinated by Ptolemy’s theorem, so if anyone finds any problems that use this, please send them to me.
I look forward to working with you all.

Eva Lok
My name is Eva, I'm studying biomedical science at the University of Auckland. I don't study maths any more but it's still a passion of mine; nowadays, I keep up with my maths by tutoring intermediate and high school students. I hope to be able to make an impact in the way maths is taught in New Zealand and to encourage students to achieve their best. I look forward to meeting you all :)

Caitlin Shepperson
Hi, I’m Caitlin, and I’m a year 13 student at ACG Parnell College. I’m very excited to be joining the communications and sponsorship team for NZMOSA this year. My hobbies include springboard diving and playing the piano, as well as tutoring mathematics to younger students both in and out of school. Despite not studying maths this year, after finishing A-level last year, I have been keen to assist others and help them understand the importance of mathematics - in particular helping young girls to reverse the stereotypes about their ability to succeed in mathematics. 
I look forward to working with NZMOSA, as I aim to show students that solving problems can be useful, fun and rewarding at the same time.

Claire Shi
Hi Everyone, I’m Claire. Just briefly, I’m 15 years of age, and live in Palmerston North. I enjoy reading (my friends I met at Yale University are still waiting for me to mail them some rocks from Mt Doom), playing the piano, and for the last non-Asian activity - I still do a little swimming. Of course, mathematics would also be on that list. But mathematics isn’t all about the work though right? Thus perhaps one way to get people excited about math is to make them roll their eyes at exceptionally dry math jokes, which I will leave you with now. “Parallel lines have so much in common. Shame they’ll never meet”.
I look forward to working with you all!

Loren Skudder-Hill
Hi everyone! It's an absolute pleasure to be offered a position as a part of NZMOSA. I really am passionate about maths and the opportunities that school students across New Zealand can pursue, as our generation's next leading mathematicians. Completing both the Cambridge and NCEA mathematics syllabus during my schooling has enabled me to develop an objective perspective upon both curriculums, as well as also challenging me to gain a much broader understanding of general maths. I look forward to bringing such ideas with me to NZMOSA, as well as the philosophy that maths can be, and is, a lot of fun!

George Wang
Hi! I'm George Wang, a Year 12 student from Westlake Boys High School, and I am thrilled to be joining the communications team of NZMOSA this year.  In my spare time, I enjoy playing violin as well as composing music. Other interests include chess, debating and photography. I look forward to working with all of my fellow committee members.

Zhong Wan
Hey everyone, this is Chris Wan from the lecture team. I'm currently studying Bachelor of Commerce and Science conjoint at University of Auckland, majoring in Statistics and Economics. What I enjoy from Maths Olympiad is logical thinking, the idea of looking for new perspectives, and also the fact that it connects me with loads of brilliant people. Really looking forward to working with you all and feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can help.

Ernest Wong
Hi! I love computers. I love maths. I love physics, and I love creating probably-crazy things. I love it, when clouds of chaotic complicated stuff suddenly part away, and something beautiful and simple remains. I love it, when I try so hard to make to make this introduction sound good, but which by the end turns out so, so horrible. Well, that’s pretty much me. But I’m very excited to be joining this team on this amazing journey. Our school’s maths olympiad clubs are growing, but this is different. This is New Zealand’s maths. Even if I only tinker with maths typesetting, bits of LaTeX code or something, I’m going to affect the way maths is seen! I’m really excited to meet you all. Cheers.

Jacob Xu
Hello everyone! Thank you for laying emphasis upon NZMO! My name is Jacob Xu and I am currently a member of the problems team of NZMOSA. As an international student coming from China, I had experience in the Chinese Olympiad styled Maths and still held great passion towards the study of Maths. With the enthusiasm and solid foundation of the Math knowledge, we will devote ourselves to helping all of you who share the same interest as us. Lastly, hope you all find pleasure in exploration of the Maths world.

Nelson Zhang
I’m a student who takes maths as a hobby. The feeling of satisfaction and achievement is how maths appeals to me – just like the feeling when you beat a BOSS. I even choose my subjects by the closeness of that subject to maths and I’m hoping to study computer science in uni, which involves a lot of maths. As a member of the problem team, I’ll make sure that my problems will be intuitive and meaningful so that students learn valuable skills by solving them.

Tina Zhang
Hey, I'm Tina, word lover, science fiction and fantasy fan, and instructor of an obtuse savant known as 'my computer'. I, like many other digital artists, own a pen that doesn't work on paper, and I enjoy fooling people into thinking that it's a real pen. I also like maths, but I'm rather terrible at it compared to all you mathematical geniuses. I'm on the design team. Pleased to meet you all, I'm looking forward to working with you.

Jessy Zhao
Hey Guys
I'm Jessy! My friends call me Jessa :) I really like how math is really complicated but fascinating! Thanks to NZMOSA's lectures which exposed me to all these interesting math concepts. I'm in the NZMOSA design committee this year, if you see someone crumpling up bits of paper and trying to draw, that might be me struggling with a new design! I really look forward to get to know you all this year.

2015 October Problems

Unfortunately, half of the holidays are over already. But fear not! Make sure to spice up the second half with our brand-new October Problems! =)

The 2015 October Problems can be found here (download link) and below. 

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Saturday November 1 and the November problems will be released the day after on November 2. If you have any questions, feel free to email us ( or comment below.

2015 September Problems

Sorry for the late post for the September problems! We got very busy with a rollover of executive leadership and our Executive President (who did a lot of the day-to-day work), Ian Seong, leaving overseas for university. We'll be announcing and introducing our new executive team and our student committee soon!

The 2015 September Problems can be found here and below.

This month's problems will be due at 11:59 pm on Wednesday October 7, and the October problems will be released on October 1 as usual.

Note: this month's problems are quite a bit harder than usual! So don't worry if you don't get many questions, or any at all. Submit whatever full or partial solutions you have.

2015 NZMO Solutions (with student solutions!)

The NZMO solutions are finally complete. Sorry for the delay; it was a lot of work to sort out all the results, order prizes, write solutions, and find and include student solutions.

That's right, if you took the NZMO, you might have a special mention for some original and innovative solutions that we found among your entries! Don't be shy, but if you don't want your name mentioned, let us know and we can remove it. We're sure that there were a lot more amazing student solutions, but it was very difficult looking through 830+ scripts retrospectively while also trying to get everything out as soon as possible, so we only looked through a handful of the top students. We'll do a better job next year, we promise.

Here are the solutions by division: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Olympiad

Do you have any questions? Is there anything wrong with our solutions? Let us know via the comments below or by email

NZMOC Camp Selection Problems 2015

Another year has passed since the selection problems for the 2015 January Maths Camp, and the time has come again for the NZMOC Camp Selection Problems!

Each year, the Camp Selection Problems form the entryway to the New Zealand International Mathematical Olympiad training programme. First, twenty-something of the top students are selected through these problems for the January Maths Camp. The students undergo a week of mathematical training, after which they sit a test to select 10-12 students for further training and selection. After several months of training, assignments and exams, a final team of six students is selected to represent New Zealand at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Are you ready to take this first step? See below for the problems, or click here to download the PDF. All solutions are due by post (not by electronic submission) by 23rd September 2015. All instructions and the registration form can be found in the document below.

These 2015 problems will be used to select the candidates for the 2016 NZMOC January Maths Camp. If you have any questions about the problems, feel free to comment below or email Michael Albert at

Good luck and have fun!!

August Problems

From this month, the rules of monthly problems are changing significantly. The revised rules can be found here: 

With this in mind, we hope you have fun with the August Problems! They can be found here as well as at the bottom of this post.

When you're done, please send your solutions to in pdf or docx form. Please don't give us an invitation to Google Drive, because we can't access the document.

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

May Problems Prizewinners

Congratulations to all the prizewinners of May Problems. For those who were unlucky, better luck next time!

The May Problems Prizewinners are:

Sanjit Ramesh Chandran, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Archie Buissink, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Hunter Linton, Year 13, Rangitoto College

Congratulations to all!

On the side note, the structure of monthly problems will change significantly from August 2015. Please refer to for more information.

More photos from IMO 2015

The 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad finished a few days ago. To continue living the memories, here are some more photos taken by our team leader Chris Tuffley.