June Problems

Thank you for all the submissions for May Problems. We received more submissions last month compared to the April Problems.

As you may have been aware, it is currently an NZMO season, so all the NZMOSA members are busy with marking and sorting out prizes for NZMO. We will release the solutions and prizewinners once the NZMO has been sorted. Thank you very much for your patience. 

Even during the NZMO season, you can always have fun with maths through the monthly problems, and the June Problems have been released! The problems can be found here.

Once you have solved the problems, please send your solutions to nzmosa@outlook.com by 30th of June. If you have any queries, feel free to message us, or comment below.

We will be looking forward to receiving your solutions!

P.S. The New Zealand International Maths Olympiad (NZIMO) Team will be leaving to Thailand at the end of this month. Best of luck to the team members! We will be updating the IMO news on our website, so keep your eyes on the news page.