2014 NZMO Results

We are very pleased to announce the medal winners and honourable mentions (Top 30) of the 2014 New Zealand Mathematics Olympiad. This year, we had over 600 entries from approximately 40 schools; thanks to everyone who showed interest and gave it a try. 

The prizewinners are:



Samuel Thompson, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate


Patrick Zhang, Year 8, John McGlashan College


Serena Jou, Year 8, ACG Strathallan

George Bates, Year 7, Balmacewen Intermediate

Honourable Mention (Top 30)

Josh Hope, Year 8, John McGlashan College

Saki Iwamoto, Year 7, Baradene College

Roger Luo, Year 7, Belmont Intermediate

Alphaneus Ang, Year 8, Liston College

Madeline McCane, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Nathan Harrison, Year 8, John McGlashan College

Sujean In, Year 8, St Margaret's College

Jack Foster, Year 8, ACG Strathallan

Imogen Grayson, Year 8, ACG Strathallan

Arlo James Munro, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Liam Nelson, Year 8, ACG Strathallan

Amit Noy, Year 8, Roseneath School

Jeny Joseph, Year 7, Baradene College

Iain McMillan, Year 7, Te Awamutu Intermediate

Nick Taggart, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Will Edwards, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Cathy Zeng, Year 7, Balmacewen Intermediate

Sian Pointon, Year 7, Baradene College

Fyfe Nicholson, Year 7, Te Awamutu

Cameron Halberg, Year 8, Liston College

Max Lough, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Jared Dixon, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate

Amy Lawrence, Year 7, Te Awamutu Intermediate

Ruby Hosking, Year 8, Baradene College

Ming Yu Wang, Year 7, Remuera Intermediate

Kayla Sinclair, Year 7, ACG Strathallan



William Wang, Year 11, King's College


Jordan Barratt, Year 11, Wellington College


Ernest Wong, Year 11, Macleans College

Sam Middleton, Year 11, Onslow College

Honourable Mention (Top 30)

Haozhe Wei, Year 9, Auckland Grammar School

Boen Deng, Year 9, John McGlashan College

Ajay Shanmuganathan, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Sebastian On, Year 11, Wellington College

Luke Nie, Year 11, John McGlashan College

Zachary Wong, Year 11, Macleans College

Ken Gary Zeng, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Barnard Patel, Year 10, Wellington College

Hannah Williams, Year 11, Macleans College

Jaiden Baker, Year 11, Wellington College

Kevin Lin, Year 10, Auckland Grammar School

Sunny Wang, Year 11, Macleans College

Seungjun Bang, Year 10, St Andrew's College

Dong In Kwak, Year 10, Otumoetai College

Christopher Ryu, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Allen Ma, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Martin Chai, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Bon-Nyeong Goo, Year 10, Auckland Grammar School

Amay Aggarwal, Year 11, King's College

Louie Bernhardt, Year 10, Kaikorai Valley College

Isaac Bennett-Smith, Year 11, Onslow College

Andy Gao, Year 10, Auckland Grammar School

Daniel Harris, Year 10, Hillview Christian School

Ken Smith, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School

Nicholas Ye, Year 9, Macleans College

Allen Hui, Year 9, Macleans College



Xuzhi Zhang, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School


Martin Luk, Year 12, King's College


Si Yuan Guo, Year 13, Macleans College

Marko Adiguna Ruslim, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School

Honourable Mention (Top 30)

Chris Wan, Year 12, Macleans College

Timothy Youn, Year 12, King's College

KH Tam, Year 13, Wellington College

Richard Zhou, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School

Gary Qian, Year 12, Takapuna Grammar School

D. Chinh Le, Year 13, Wellington College

William Zhang, Year 13, Wellington College

Yustyna Klish, Year 13, Liston College

Yangxueqing (Mary) Jiang, Year 12, Macleans College

Aidan Smith, Year 12, St Andrew's College

Joseph Meltzer, Year 12, Macleans College

Laura Chen, Year 12, St Margaret's College

Peter Min, Year 12, Otumoetai College

Rodger Gu, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School

Jordan Clarke, Year 13, Wellington College

Michael Hoffman, Year 12, Liston College

Ikgue Lee, Year 12, Otumoetai College

Nic Taylor, Year 12, John McGlashan College

Jay Deshpande, Year 12, Wellington College

Georgia Lock, Year 12, Hastings Girls High School

Edward Wilson, Year 12, Wellington College

Nicholas Bell, Year 12, Onslow College

Tobias Heitland, Year 12, Wellington College

Emma Zhao, Year 12, St Cuthbert's College

Jonathan Kah, Year 12, Newlands College

Donggue Lee, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School


Congratulations to all!

In a week or two, the NZMO report will be sent to the Maths HOD's of your schools. If you don't know your results yet, ask your HOD's once they receive the reports.

In addition, the medals, badges and certificates will be distributed to the schools around Mid-October.

Again, thank you all so much for your support for NZMO 2014, and check our website for informations regarding monthly problems and NZMO 2015.