IMO 2015: 2 Bronze + 4 Honourable Mentions

After days of anxious waiting, the marks received by each student in every problem have been finalised. The jury decides on the medal boundaries dependant on the distribution of these marks. This year, the boundaries were 14 for Bronze, 19 for Silver, and 26 for Gold. How did the New Zealand team do? The title gives it away.


Miles Lee: Bronze Medal 
Xuzhi Zhang: Bronze Medal
George Han: Honourable Mention
Kevin Shen: Honourable Mention
Martin Luk: Honourable Mention
Prince Michael Balanay: Honourable Mention

It is impressive to solve even one problem in the IMO and every person in our team achieved this and more. Their performance brings us from 60th in the world in 2014 to  49th in the world, tied with Colombia (IMO 2013 host) and ahead of Greece and Argentina (IMO 2012 host). Details into our performance can be found here.

Another HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our friends across the Tasman, with a stellar performance putting them 6th in the world! Their incredible results (2 Golds, 4 Silvers) can be found here.

Special mentions must be made to our friends from the Netherlands (3 Bronzes, 1 Honourable Mention) and the United Kingdom (4 Silvers, 1 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention) as well as the top scoring contestant Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song from Canada who had a perfect score! More details can be found on the official IMO page.