2015 NZMO Solutions (with student solutions!)

The NZMO solutions are finally complete. Sorry for the delay; it was a lot of work to sort out all the results, order prizes, write solutions, and find and include student solutions.

That's right, if you took the NZMO, you might have a special mention for some original and innovative solutions that we found among your entries! Don't be shy, but if you don't want your name mentioned, let us know and we can remove it. We're sure that there were a lot more amazing student solutions, but it was very difficult looking through 830+ scripts retrospectively while also trying to get everything out as soon as possible, so we only looked through a handful of the top students. We'll do a better job next year, we promise.

Here are the solutions by division: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Olympiad

Do you have any questions? Is there anything wrong with our solutions? Let us know via the comments below or by email