NZMO 2015: the second national mathematical olympiad!


Continuing from last year, we will be holding the second New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad this year, on May 14. This is earlier than last year's NZMO to avoid uncomfortable closeness with other maths competitions and mock exams.

In the next couple of weeks, an email will be sent to mathematics HODs throughout NZ with a link to an online interest registration form. HODs should register by March 20 to express their interest in participating in the 2015 NZMO. Registration is not binding. If you are a maths HOD but do not receive the email, there is another form here that you can use to express your interest.

From this year, we will charge a small fee of $2 per student before the competition to help fund the running costs of the NZMO and NZMOSA. Please keep in mind that we will still be running on a deficit: we rely heavily on sponsorships, grants, and donations.

If you are a student, pass on this information to your HOD or maths teacher, and ask them to contact us at

In the meantime, here are some problems and solutions from last year that you can use to practice. If you want some more practice, look through our monthly competition problems. You could even try for the January competition - there's nothing to lose!