2015 NZMO Results

Now that the NZIMO team is back from Thailand and Term 3 has begun, we are proud to announce the results of the 2015 New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad. Again we thank all students and schools that participated in the second annual NZMO.

We have some early news: the 2016 NZMO will be held on Thursday May 26, 2016. Mark this on your calendars, and we will be posting more information about the 2016 NZMO in the near future. Students, if you haven't already, nag your maths teachers. If they don't give in, keep an eye out for Alternative Testing Centre registrations.

Listed below are the medal winners and honourable mentions (top 30 students from each division) for the 2015 NZMO. Congratulations to everyone listed below and also to everyone who participated in the NZMO! Your enthusiasm and support allows us to continue providing this opportunity to students all around New Zealand.

Junior Division

  • Gold: George Bates, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate School
  • Silver: Ian Hsu, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
  • Bronze:
    Ryan Sullivan, Year 8, Raroa Normal Intermediate School
    Terry Shen, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
  • Honourable mention:
    Ellen Wang, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Alphaeus Ang, Year 8, Liston College
    Nigel Tee, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Tony Zhou, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Jasmine Zhang, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Janice Chung, Year 8, Raroa Normal Intermediate School
    Samuel Sajch, Year 8, Auckland Normal Intermediate School
    Darsh Chaudhari, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Dillon Hong, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Cathy Zeng, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate School
    Junno Choi, Year 8, ACG Strathallan
    Amy Lawrence, Year 8, Te Awamutu Intermediate
    Jamie Wu, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Angela Yang, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Bert Downs, Year 8, Te Awamutu Intermediate
    Daniel Qiu, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Andrew Zeng, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Joy Yang, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Oliver Dai, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Angus Henderson, Year 8, Balmacewen Intermediate School
    Chelsea Walter, Year 7, Tawa Intermediate School
    Jessica Huang, Year 8, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Rick Han, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Allie Falkner, Year 8, Raroa Normal Intermediate School
    Anika Knox, Year 8, Tawa Intermediate School
    Daniel Chen, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Kris Zhang, Year 7, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
    Saki Iwamoto, Year 8, Baradene College

Intermediate Division

  • Gold: Barnard Patel, Year 11, Wellington College
  • Silver: Boyang Xu, Year 11, Auckland International College
  • Bronze:
    David Huang, Year 11, Papanui High School
    Stacey Tian, Year 11, St Cuthberts College
  • Honourable Mention:
    Samuel Chen, Year 11, Pakuranga College
    Haozhe Wei, Year 10, Auckland Grammar School
    Bryner Lum, Year 11, Macleans College
    Sofia Sun, Year 11, St Cuthberts College
    Owen Wang, Year 10, Macleans College
    Song Kang, Year 10, Macleans College
    Andrew Tang, Year 11, Scot's College
    Felicity Liao, Year 11, St Cuthberts College
    Seungjun Bang, Year 11, St Andrew's College
    Yan Xing Wang, Year 10, Auckland Grammar School
    Yiannis Fam, Year 11, Wellington College
    Alan Zhang, Year 10, Macleans College
    Max Edwards, Year 11, Otago Boys' High School
    Helen Zheng, Year 11, Epsom Girls Grammar School
    Songyan Teng, Year 9, Pakuranga College
    Allen Hui, Year 10, Macleans College
    Jack Craig, Year 11, Otago Boys' High School
    Josef Templeton, Year 11, Wellington College
    Liam Pribis, Year 11, Roncalli College
    Moana Lengkeek, Year 11, Trident High School
    Regan Chen, Year 10, King's College
    Aiden Burgess, Year 11, Auckland Grammar School
    Arthur Chia, Year 11, Wellington College
    Brian Gu, Year 10, Macleans College
    Jooyoung Kim, Year 11, St Andrew's College
    Marcus Ooi, Year 9, King's College
    Sashritha Peiris, Year 10, Macleans College

Senior Division

  • Gold: Tiger Brown, Year 13, Wellington College
  • Silver: Ernest Wong, Year 12, Macleans College
  • Bronze:
    Jason Pruim, Year 11, Mount Albert Grammar School
    Jordan Barrett, Year 12, Wellington College
  • Honourable Mention:
    Elisa Tang, Year 12, Macleans College
    Qihang Pan, Year 13, Macleans College
    Juntian Gu, Year 12, Takapuna Grammar School
    Jaiden Baker, Year 12, Wellington College
    Logan Wu, Year 13, Wellington College
    Andrew Chen, Year 12, Saint Kentigern College
    Sunny Wang, Year 12, Macleans College
    Yixin Ma, Year 13, Mount Albert Grammar School
    Christopher Brown, Year 12, Christ's College
    Joseph Meltzer, Year 13, Macleans College
    Justin Chen, Year 12, Macleans College
    KG Zeng, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School
    Callum Parker, Year 13, Wellington College
    Hannah Williams, Year 12, Macleans College
    Thomas Baker, Year 13, Otago Boys' High School
    Ruicheng Lu, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School
    Sebastian On, Year 12, Wellington College
    Wanli Cheng, Year 12, Mount Albert Grammar School
    Aidan Smith, Year 13, St Andrew's College
    Bill Yang, Year 12, Saint Kentigern College
    Angelia Cao, Year 13, Macleans College
    Annie Wang, Year 13, Saint Kentigern College
    Sean Lau, Year 12, Otago Boys' High School
    William Lin, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School
    Yuanfang Ma, Year 12, Auckland Grammar School
    Callum Li, Year 13, Wellington College

Olympiad Division

  • Gold: Xuzhi Zhang, Year 13, Auckland Grammar School
  • Silver: William Wang, Year 12, King's College
  • Bronze: Johnny Mottershead, Year 13, Otago Boys' High School
  • Honourable Mention:
    Brian Qi, Year 11, Auckland International College
    George Li, Year 11, King's College

If you were expecting to be on these lists but your name isn't present, your entry may have been classed as an unofficial entry because you took a lower division paper than the one for which you were qualified. For example, if you are in Year 12 but take an Intermediate division paper, or if you have attended the NZMOC Maths Camp in the past but did not take the Olympiad division paper, your entry is unofficial and you are not eligible for awards. You will, however, still receive a certificate acknowledging your participation in the NZMO. We apologise for any disappointment. Supervisors should have clearly instructed you to confirm that you have the correct paper before you.

The results above are not subject to appeal, but NZMOSA reserves the right to alter these results in light of any academic dishonesty.

Please direct any feedback or complaints to nzmosa@outlook.com, or use the form under More -> Contact Us