NZMOC Camp Selection Problems 2015

Another year has passed since the selection problems for the 2015 January Maths Camp, and the time has come again for the NZMOC Camp Selection Problems!

Each year, the Camp Selection Problems form the entryway to the New Zealand International Mathematical Olympiad training programme. First, twenty-something of the top students are selected through these problems for the January Maths Camp. The students undergo a week of mathematical training, after which they sit a test to select 10-12 students for further training and selection. After several months of training, assignments and exams, a final team of six students is selected to represent New Zealand at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Are you ready to take this first step? See below for the problems, or click here to download the PDF. All solutions are due by post (not by electronic submission) by 23rd September 2015. All instructions and the registration form can be found in the document below.

These 2015 problems will be used to select the candidates for the 2016 NZMOC January Maths Camp. If you have any questions about the problems, feel free to comment below or email Michael Albert at

Good luck and have fun!!