September Problems

Finally, it's spring!!! Start a great season with awesome September Problems.

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Q1: What is the smallest 5-digit number divisible by 15?

Q2: The All Whites are preparing for the penalty shootout. There are 11 players on the
pitch, and among them, the coach has to choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th kickers.
How many combinations are there?


Q3: 10 years ago, my sister's age was twice the square of my age then. 6 years ago, my
sister's age was twice my age then. How old am I, and how old is my sister now?

Q4:  (a) Prove that \(PC^{2}=PA\times PB\)
(b) Prove that \(PA\times PD=PB \times PC\)


Q5: (a) What is the maximum number of intersections when \(n\) lines are drawn on a plane?
(b) What is the maximum number of areas when \(n\) lines are drawn on a plane? (For example, the following diagram has 7 areas)
Q6:  Prove that \( (a^2 + b^2)(x^2 + y^2) \geq (ax + by)^2 \) for real numbers \(a, b, x\) and \(y \).