IMO 2014 - Pre-competition!

The NZIMO team is in South Africa, and after a week of training with mock IMOs, training and problem-solving, they have settled in to the University of Cape Town where they will stay for the next week.

Meanwhile, Chris, the team leader has been separated from the rest of the team for a few days already, in isolation with the rest of the team leaders, to participate in jury meetings for problem selection and to answer questions remotely during the competition. They will be reunited after the second day of the competition; it's always an emotional moment :')

Today will be the opening ceremony, and while we don't have photos to share, you can wish them luck (in your mind, of course) for their final practice before the two days of competition! We will be posting the questions here as they come online, so stay tuned if you want to try them in parallel!

If you want to see the promo video, here it is! (Skip to 0:16 if you want to skip the cheesy intro)