NZMOC Camp: The Beginning

28 high school maths students. 8 lecturers. 1 hostel. The stage is set… for a maths camp. Whoops - that was a little too dramatic. Just a little :) But we here at NZMOSA can't wait for the start of the Olympiad season! Here's the latest from our on-site reporter, Gregory the Gregarious:

"The students jetted in early Sunday morning and spent the first few hours meeting their fellow attendees (curiously spent hanging around the computer room, of all places). They then entered a fun-filled series of maths competitions and logic puzzles to warm their brains for the upcoming lectures. Only for them to be re-frozen with an enormous helping of icecream at dinner (#thedream) of course.

The next day, they were treated to a pair of lectures (Algebra and Number Theory for the Junior group of 14 students, Combinatorics and Algebra for the Seniors) in the morning before working on a problem set in the afternoon. But the fun didn't stop there! There was also an activities night planned and led by Professor Michael Albert (Team Leader 2016) involving multiple quizzes and the dreaded Samurai Sudoku."

And finally for the weather forecast: cloudy with a chance of inequalities. That's all for tonight - stay tuned for the second episode of "NZMOC Camp"!


P.S. Sorry there are no photos - I'm still living in the Stone Age.