IMO 2015!

If you're ardent IMO fans like we are, you'll know that currently, a handful of maths-loving NZ teenagers are exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand for the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad.

(What is the IMO? See our post from last year)

Over the next few days, expect to hear regular updates about how the NZ team is doing at the IMO. We'll post photos as soon as we get our hands on them.

Last Saturday, Chris Tuffley (the team leader) left the NZIMO team, accompanied by many tears and sad faces to attend a number of jury meetings where the team leaders of all 114 participating countries discuss and argue about which problems should be on the IMO.

During this time, the team, under the supervision of deputy team leader Malcolm Granville and team manager May Meng, is furiously studying (and equally furiously exploring) for the two days of exams, which begin tomorrow, and praying for an 'easy geometry' question for Q1 (first question on the first day, usually the easiest question) or Q4 (first question on the second day, usually the second easiest question).

Here is the schedule of events for the 2015 IMO:

  • Wed July 8: Arrival day - when all the contestants arrive at their accommodation
  • Thu July 9: Opening ceremony - the ceremony where all the contestants march up one country at a time and occasionally throw things out to the crowd
  • Fri July 10: Competition day 1
  • Sat July 11: Competition day 2
  • Sun July 12 and Mon July 13: Coordination and excursions - leaders and deputy leaders argue for marks while students go on fun trips to local tourist attractions (see the 2015 IMO official Facebook page for some touristy photos)
  • Tue July 14: More coordination
  • Wed July 15: Closing ceremony - where medals are awarded