New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad

We run the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad (the NZMO), a high school competition scheduled to be held in May this upcoming year.

We try to be different. Because instead of looking for the student who can memorise the most formulas or have seen the most problems before, we try to encourage the creative and inventive thinking that is at the core of mathematics. In the past, some of our candidates with no background in Olympiad maths have invented, from scratch during an exam, powerful tools used in higher maths, like mathematical induction and telescopic series. Because this is embodied in what is often called "Olympiad Mathematics," we decided to call our competition the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad. We also want to make our problems fun and approachable, so that students see a side to maths that isn't often shown in school.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Make sure your school is involved - if it isn't, send this link to your Head of Mathematics so that he/she can register your school for the competition
  • Register your interest (and your friends') to the teacher organising the competition at your school
  • If you want, try some of our sample problems. Once you've had a go, or if you're stuck, here are the solutions
  • We also have previous years' NZMO problems in PDF form (you can also click the button on the right)
  • Keep checking our website for updates, and follow our blog

Click here for more details about the competition, and here for the rules.

Official Sponsors

The official sponsors for the 2015 New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad are:

  • The Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland

  • The School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the Auckland University of Technology
  • The New Zealand Maths Olympiad Committee

If you are interested in sponsoring the NZMO in future years, please contact us at

Blog posts about the NZMO